Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Body bomb shells

Mk1 Mini Marcoses keep on popping up for sale, and another one appeared on eBay this week, listed in Ipswich. Actually it is an empty shell which seems totally unmolested. All the Mk1 features are there, from the notched arches to the outside fuel filler cap and from the little Perspex side screens to the con caved floor extension. The sting in the tail is that there is no paper work and not even a chassis plate on the car. So be careful out there when a freshly restored Mk1 with a previously lost chassis number is offered for sale in a while. See the ad here on eBay.

Another shell that found its way to eBay in the UK is even rarer. Much rarer as I have never seen another in the flesh. It's for a Ranger Cub 4, for sale in West Bromwich. You don't see a Ranger Cub three-wheeler very often, to put things really mildly, but a four-wheeler pick up is even much, much, more obscure. Four are said to have been fabricated and one of them, registered '624 NOA', can be seen in Ranger's press pictures (anyone know where it is…?). But that is the only one I have seen pics of. Now if you want something really unique… See the body shell here for sale. Perhaps the Best Find of 2014 already?

UPDATE 13 January 2014: No less than 23 bids on the Marcos, eventually going for £2,653. Zero (0) bids on the much rarer Ranger with a starting price of £250. Come on guys.

This Mk1 Mini Marcos is just an empty shell, but it is complete and unmolested

No chassis plate and no engine here, and it looks like there has never been one, too

Outside filler cap is a typical Mk1 feature. As is the all-original dashboard lay out

A Ranger Cub 3-wheeler is rare, but a Cub 4 is even much rarer. Find of the year?

Pointed nose was a 1974 design by Eric Salmons. Are there more survivors?

Ranger Cub 4 combines nose of the 3-wheeler and rear end of the Ranger Pick-up

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  1. the mini marcos is mine now , so if you've got any information about it , i'm looking for her history , she look like a racing car , corbeau seats, SPQL gear shift , alexender inlate pipe , econometer on the dash, and realy realy light body shell ( less than 1mm thickness on some parts) ..