Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Mini Jaba is Best Find of 2013

Well-well. This year's Christmas puzzle was not cracked - although previous winner Paul Wylde came pretty close - so I guess I'll have to make next year's easier again. Fortunately there is a winner of 'Best Find of 2013'. 164 Votes came in this time, and 49% of them went to the Mini Jaba, found in Barcelona last October (click here). Meanwhile a slight little bit more information about the car has come available. In fact the patent file has been unearthed recently, see a fragment below. It's all in Spanish in the first place, but strangely it doesn't mention a Mini as the car's base but a VW Beetle! I hope to find out more about the car and its destiny soon.

A part of the Mini Jaba's patent - it doesn't mention a Mini!
Picture via Xavier Enrich


  1. Looking at the patent document, it looks like a beetle to me. Check out the exhaust for one. And then the fuel tank under the bonnet. Also the front suspension, although not really detailed, does have an air of beetle tortion bar rather than mini.

  2. Will, you are right of course. Read the article!

  3. Surely this is a patent for a completly different car then?

  4. Strangely it is the one for the Mini Jaba. They must have changed the plan after the patent!