Monday, 13 July 2015

Two Stimson Treks reappear

Stimson Treks are like London buses: just when you decided there was no use waiting any longer for one, not one but two come along together... I hadn't seen a Trek for years when a yellow project car, which appeared on that well-know auction website before, made another brief appearance. This time in West-Yorkshire where it was sold for 350 pounds. Who knows it will be finished one day.
But just a day later, the ever enthusiastic Barry Tilbury dropped me a line to tell he'd just unearthed another one! Barry has a keen eye for finding long-lost Mini derivatives, as he proved earlier this year with another Stimson (click). It's another project car but all seems to be complete and original. What's more: Barry is in touch with the original builder, so we may expect some more historical bits and pieces to come along soon.

A rare Stimson Trek, as found by Barry Tilbury, will make it back to the roads soon
Picture courtesy Barry Tilbury

 Q Registration number may suugest it was put on the road not too long ago?
Picture courtesy Barry Tilbury

Ebay car was completely dismantled but the chassis, seen here, looks fine 
Picture courtesy Barry Tilbury

Trek body was there, too, as was the upright windscreen - it sold for 350 GBP 
Picture courtesy Barry Tilbury

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