Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Celebrating the Unipower GT (1)

I went to Beaulieu last weekend to have a bit of a celebration for the Unipower GT's 50th anniversary. I'll make a full report later this week, but here are already two little movie clips taken from the passenger seat of Tim Carpenter's freshly finished GT. The car is the very first production GT (more here), which Tim owns since 1982. Since that time it covered under 500 miles, but Tim now drove it over from London to Beaulieu and it's in fantastic shape and certainly looked, sounded and felt very good. More to follow, also about the other cars and people who'd made it to the party.

UPDATE: Sorry! The second video is too big to upload here, but you can see it at my Facebook account here.

Video: Jeroen Booij

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