Thursday, 3 November 2016

An Alto Boxer in… Australia!

It's not too often that you come across an Alto Duo, let alone that other product of the brothers David and Tommy Gormall's company Alto Glass Reinforced Plastics of Preston, Lancashire. But last week, I was sent a picture of an Alto Boxer in its full splendor. Yes. An Alto Boxer. The 1990s body that turned an unsuspecting Mini in, well, you tell me. 

What's more: the car in question supposedly lives in Australia, which must surely make it unique on that side of the world! The Gormall brothers never sold many and apart from the demonstrator I have just seen one more completed car, which was in a very sorry state, plus another one that only received the convertible conversion without the rest of the body modifications. Just one quote from the brochure: "The Alto Boxer is probably the ultimate body conversion for the Mini saloon." With starting prices of 695 GBP ex VAT, the market clearly thought differently. 

695 GBP ex VAT for the kit; 5,400 for a completed car with new Rover shell. Not many were sold
Picture Jeroen Booij archive

But one Alto Boxer did make it to Australia. More details about it would be much appreciated
Picture via Jeff Henley


  1. Hi Jeroen , I sold an unused kit , excluding rear arch kit and front nose cone to the Gentleman who owns in Lincolnshire about 2 years .. maybe watch this space ..

    1. Yes, I remember that, too. Thanks for letting me know never the less. I reckon the buyer was Tony Bucknall?


  3. Hi, the Alto Boxer in Australia was for sale.
    I went to check back on listing but has been sold. The add listed it as a 60's Cooper converted in the 90's.
    There is an extra picture of it in the comments on my facebook post about this car. Cheers Rob