Tuesday, 24 January 2017

More Taka-Hira Minis

My recent Taka-Hira posting, prompted readers to send in more photographs of known Taka-Hira Minis. Thanks all for doing so, and the result can be seen below. Enjoy the pictures and keep them coming! By the way: the early black Countryman seen before is now up for sale - ad here.

A stunner, this Mini 850 saloon of 1964 vintage. Supposedly a one-owner car from new!
Picture courtesy Dieter Deschacht

Paris registered Mini Van with Taka-Hira wickerwork and French aftermarket bumper bars
Picture courtesy Frédéric Rollet

Wood and wicker on another French Mini: a 1968 Mk2 Countryman in this case
Picture courtesy Damien Lescroart

This 1964 Mini Van with original Taka-Hira mods was sold at auction in 2011
Picture via Dieter Deschacht

It's unknown wether this (German?) car was converted by Taka-Hira or by somebody else
Picture courtesy Oldiesfan67 via Dieter Deschacht

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