Wednesday, 1 February 2017

1967 Le Mans car, spotted in South-Africa

A nice new photograph of the 1967 Le Mans Mini Marcos (not mine - more about this one here) was unearthed in South-Africa recently. It was taken during the Pietermaritzburgh 3-hour race of december 1967, when the car was driven by Peter Kat and Dirk Marnis, while owned by Jannes van Wyk, who'd taken it over from Jem Marsh a month earlier. Together with Brian Raubenheimer, Marsh had driven it on the Kyalami 9-hour race in november when they came 15th. You can clearly see that the car still had the modified windscreen that was made overnight before Le Mans by mechanic Mike Treutlein.

The 1967 Le Mans car at the Pietermaritzburgh 3-hour race. Funny windscreen still there
Picture courtesy Roy Hesketh Heritage

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