Tuesday, 20 June 2017

A little tribute to David Ogle

The idea was to post this little snippet on 25 May, with the reason being that it was exactly 55 years since David Ogle passed away on that very day. But then I forgot. So, here it is, quite a lot later then it was meant. I have added a small piece from The Autocar magazine, too, plus a rather sensational newspaper clipping about Ogle's death, showing an actual photograph of the burning car in which he found death. It's the only photograph of the accident I have ever seen, and in fact the only one of that specific car, too. As you may know the SX1000 in question was in fact the prototype Ogle Lightweight GT, a road/racing version of the SX1000. Moving images of David Ogle driving his Mini based beauty here.

David Ogle in what has to be a prototype chassis for what became the Ogle SX1000
Picture via Autopuzzles

Obituary from The Autocar. The same issue contained a full driving test of the SX1000
Picture Jeroen Booij archive

Sensational newspaper clipping on Ogle's death, showing the actual burning car in which he was trapped
Picture Jeroen Booij archive, via Paul Fleetwood


  1. That a newspaper would report thus shows the recent UK tabloid coverage of events is nothing new. Cheers to David Ogle for producing a lovely motor car that I massively enjoy driving.

  2. If you flip the car fire image upside down you can see 2 men side by side in the flames.spooky visual.