Thursday, 8 June 2017

Heerey GTM at Harewood

More Heerey GTM today! Richard Hawcroft wrote: "Hi Jeroen. It was the Harewood hillclimb last weekend and the engine in my Mini wasn’t quite finished, so I went in my GTM. It is an excellent car as it handles so well (dare I say better than a Mini…). Just lacking a little power as its only a 1071cc, with a bigger engine in it would have been a real flyer. I finished 5th, which was pretty good as all the cars in front of me had bigger engines, sticky tyres and limited slip diffs. I also drove mine there and home again, so that’s a moral victory! All the best, Rich." I say, well done Rich!

Our man Richard in action with his GTM at Harewood last weekend. Better than a Mini..? Of course!
Picture courtesy Hardy Photography


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  2. "Moral Victory" who do you think you are, Jeremy Corbyn? :)