Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Market round up (Autumn 2018)

Time for the traditional market round-up, and although the end of Summer is not there yet (just a couple of days left), I call this one the Autumn 2018 edition. You have made me aware of another great number of Mini based cars offered for sale in the last couple of weeks, and I have added another few to these. Keep them coming!

A rare Andersen Cub Six-wheeler, this one is said to be imported from South-Africa. Ad here.

Deep Sanderson 301 is for sale once again, now in France. The price fluctuates heavily. Ad here.

Stimson Mini Bug project with no paperwork in Chelmsford. Cheap though. Ad here.

This Wood & Pickett Mini is seen for sale for some time now. I really like it. Ad here.

This is the Stimson Scorcher from the derelict collection that came by here several times. Ad here.

Rare ASD Hobo was spotted for sale before, too. Come on, somebody give it some tlc! Ad here.

Many of you tipped me about this intriguing Mini based wedge. I am still hoping to find out its history. Ad here.

Another mystery: a Moke replica, presumably home-made and looking rather good. Ad here.

This Scamp Mk2 sppears to be fully ready for the Christmas tree already! Ad here.

A very green Magenta Sprint. This one is in as new condition. Ad here.

Cool Unipower GT with racing history from the other side of the ocean. Ad here.

A right hand driven Midas Bronze in Belgium. Love the colours. Ad here.

French Mk4 Mini Marcos comes with a rather strong asking price. Ad here. 

Hrubon Phaeton, or is it a Schmitt? For sale in southern France. Ad here.

Q-reg Hustler Six is seen in an auction in North-Yorkshire. Ad here.

Birchall McCoy is said to need just some finishing touches. Cheap. Ad here.

Good-looking Foers Nomad, seen for sale in greater Manchester. Ad here.

The Tony Anchors' built Trimini is now offered for sale as 'Tritanic'... Ad here.

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