Monday, 14 January 2019

Blue Peter Wood & Pickett Mini Margrave - a survivor?

This lovely little video was uploaded by the BBC archive earlier this week. It's a clip from 'Blue Peter' and shows a 1975 Wood & Pickett Mini in all its glory. I wondered if the car survived and Ole O Pedersen got back to that question with some pictures of a W&P Mini that was seen for sale several years ago, probably in 2010. It certainly looks to be the same car to me. Anyone knows of its current whereabouts?

Video BBC archive

Wood & Pickett Mini Margrave then and now (well, almost). Where is it now?
Picture BBC archive / Ole O Pedersen

Interior certainly looks similar, just take a look at the bottom right dash switches
Picture BBC archive / Ole O Pedersen

Car is worse for fear, or was when offered for sale some years ago
Picture BBC archive / Ole O Pedersen

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