Tuesday, 22 January 2019

Hustler in Wood being constructed, driven by William Towns

This lovely 3-minute video has been uploaded on Youtube recently, showing the build of a wooden Hustler - also known as the Hustler in Wood. We see the thing being constructed, using panel saw and pegs. And then we see the designer himself - William Towns - at the wheel, showing it on High Street and picking up the children from school. Enjoy!

Hustler in Wood being constructed and driven by William Towns
Video Youtube / Diccon Towns

Oh, and could this actual car survive? Oh, yes. I found it in a barn in West-Sussex several years ago...
Picture Jeroen Booij

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  1. I have a Hustler too, a 6 wheeler in Wood. There are over 48 still around and I've begun to put a registry together listing these. Both mine and this one are recorded there. My early days site is called hustler-registry.org AROnline has been probably the most authoritive source of information out there in terms of numbers as estimates vary widely