Friday, 24 January 2020

More on Peter Raphael's Mini Marcos

Two excellent photographs of the Mini Marcos raced by Peter Raphael at Montlhéry (more here) have turned up thanks to avid reader Christian Schmidt of Austria. The pictures come from a Hommel publication from France and show the car at the French track in what has to be the same race - the GP de Paris of May 1968 when it wore number 6. The Alpine (number 8) and Abarth 1300 OTS (number 38) on one of the photographs make sense also as these models were entered in the same race.

The pictures give a very good impression of the car - clearly a Mk1 model with some nice touches - quick release filler cap, works arches at the rear, headlight covers, an oil cooler at the front and very wide steel wheels. No roll cage though, it seems, so it cannot be a factory lightweight car. I wonder if it could survive?

UPDATE 14:30 - Reader Joost van Dien's eyes are better than mine - it does appear to have the factory rollcage! That makes it probably another lightweight racer then. 

Peter Raphael's Mini Marcos was a Mk1 and is seen here at the GP De Paris of 1968
Picture Hommel publications via Christian Schmidt

Behind an Abarth and an Alpine here. More info on the Mini Marcos is still welcome
Picture Hommel publications via Christian Schmidt

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