Friday, 31 January 2020

Rare McIvoy found

Some time ago, back in 2012, I wrote about the elusive McIvoy - the rare estate version of the McCoy (click here). A member of the McCoy Owners Club had told me he'd seen one and I asked "Could that be the only survivor?". Only a couple of months later one was spotted in by Mike Allen in Cheshire (click here), who then wrote: "How many left? One, two? Can’t be many."

Well, there is at least one more and that has now been unearthed by Dan Mears, who already owns the factory demonstrator McCoy. Dan wrote: "Here's my latest. The McIvoy as seen parked next to my other outside the factory back in the day. Another one needing restoration and minus the engine but nice bit of history with it too. Im really pleased I got the opportunity to find this one."

Well done Dan! I think it may well be the car that was used for advertisements and brochures, too. It would be awesome to find that spot seen below to recreate that PR picture with the same vehicles one day!

UPDATE 10:00: Dan adds: "I can confirm she is Q516 HNG. I have the V5, original V5 bill of sale loads of previous MOTs and the factory catalogue."

McIvoy is the estate version of the Mini based McCoy, as built by Arthur Birchall
Picture Dan Mears

Neville Wynes took over production in 1988 and continued to offer both models
Picture Dan Mears

Note 'McCoy' name on nose, while being a McIvoy. The factory demonstrator had this, too
Picture Dan Mears

This is a publicity shot of that demonstrator, registration is Q516 HNG but without the added spoilers. Must be the same car though?
Picture Jeroen Booij archive

And here with spoilers and sister model McCoy (Q515 HNG). Dan owns that car, too!
Picture Jeroen Booij archive

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