Thursday, 23 January 2020

Ranger Cub found for sale

A rare Ranger Cub has found its way to Ebay, and it's one I'd never seen before. The Mini based three-wheeler is located in Gainsborough and the seller writes: "Registered in 1978 (S) and will need re-commissioning. 1st owner using a 1959 Austin 7 Mini as a donor (I still have the original ID available...)" I have no idea if that means if the car actually still uses a '59 Mini as its base (and with the registration number just not visible we can't find out either), but that would be worth checking, I'd say. See the ad here.

A Ranger Cub three-wheeler (there was alse of 4-wheeled variant) is offered for sale
Picture Ebay

Registration is just not visible, but it's not a car that I have seen before
Picture Ebay

It looks complete but won't come cheap. Ranger Cub's are pretty rare though
Picture Ebay

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