Wednesday, 29 April 2020

MoBi-One is saved

It's almost been 10 years when the mysteriously disappeared MoBi-One was mentioned on these pages for the first time. Meanwhile, the car was found in a barn last year (click here) after which a number of interested parties reported themselves. However, it did take almost another year before it finally found its new owner in Alastair Moffatt,  who wrote:

"Hi Jeroen. I have just purchased MoBi-One for my autotest Mini car collection. Having won 8 BTRDA Gold Star championships and 6 RAC/MSA championships and owning two of the most successful cars in history already, the car could not be in better hands. Now with MoBi-One I have the most iconic car, too. I will start on it very soon with plans to get it out for a demo or two next year."

Shortly later the car's original builder and designer Morris Bishop contacted me also: "Hi Jeroen, I have just received this email and photo from Alastair Moffatt and am delighted that MoBi-One is now in a collection. Naturally I will be in contact with Alistair with a view to visit him when the Covid 19 pandemic is over. At the moment we are in lock down in in our Spanish home with no immediate possibility of returning for our summer break in the UK. It would appear the steering configuration gaff has been fixed, and I am pleased to hear that the new owner will be restoring  MoBi-One to its original colour, though probably not the last fuel set up, which was Propane powered, This was to publicize the LPG calibration equipment that I designed and manufactured, mainly fore industrial equipment such as forklift trucks many years ago. Regards, Morris"
Happy days will be here again.

MoBi-One is now in the hands of a trials champion and will be restored to its former glory
Picture Alastair Moffatt, via Morris Bishop

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