Monday, 4 January 2021

Fisher GT is Find of 2020

First of all: happy 2021 to you all! 

Let's hope the new year will be a good one for all and perhaps slightly less challenging...

Unfortunately I received very few votes for the 'Maximum Mini Find of the Year' election, and wonder if you guys want me to stop the tradition. In past years I received well over 100 votes, but this time there were just 20 or so, making it in my opinion not a very exiting poll. I'd almost forgot to mention that the Lotus-Fisher GT won. Congratulations to Dan Stokes, who found the car in Southampton in October!

Oh - I also had a Find of the Decade poll when Maximum Mini had its 10th anniversary as a blog. Again, a disappointing number of votes but still 44. The Le Mans Mini Marcos (found 2016) won with 18 votes. 

Lost and found: the Fisher GT was rediscovered last year. It's the Maximum Mini Find of 2020
Picture: Dan Stokes / Maximum Mini archive


  1. I tried to vote a number of times, but each time my message didn't get through. I suspect a technical problem. Kee the vote going. Ken Downunder

    1. Hmm... That's not good. Anyone else who had a similar experience?

  2. Sorry, meant to vote but on the approach to this unusual xmas and various covid/home working issues it slipped and i suspect this may gave been the case for a number of would be voters. Keep the poll and good work, it's just a weird year! HNY