Monday, 15 March 2021

Another Pellandini restoration started

The number of Pellandinis that have turned up and changed hands in Australia in the last two years or so is remarkable. And latest in the list is Tony Glynn, who has just become the owner of Pellandini chassis number 4. He wrote:

"Hi Jeroen. Thanks for the blog. It enabled me to contact the original purchaser, Bernie Martyn. He has sent me copies of the original correspondence with Pellandini. Not Peter himself, just the 'manager' at the time (1972). I bought the car from Frank Arronis. Frank is a great guy but a serial car purchaser and the Pellandini was unlikely to get any attention in the medium term as Frank has at least five cars in active restoration at the moment. My neighbour, David Kent, is a super talented car builder and is working on at least four of Frank's vehicles. Anyway, I help David occasionally with simple stuff and a couple of weeks ago we went to Frank's to see and plan one of the next restorations. The Pellandini was in the corner and Frank wanted the space for yet another project. David said "You should buy this as a real project" and once I figured out I could fit in it (I'm 192 cm) then 10 days later Frank delivered it. I was that quick. I had never even heard of Pellandini. David is a master with metal as well as fibreglass and has offered to assist with the fabrication of replacement bits."

"I plan to bring it back to its original state but it is getting a few mods on the way. These include an adjustable pedal box so someone who isn't 6' can drive it. Alternator and no Lucas points ignition, removable steering wheel and possibly adjustable length column and roll cage hoop behind the driver. I may get a cable-operated gear change depending on if the rod system isn't too notchy. I'm hoping for three years and want to run it in regularity. The car has a CAMS logbook dated 19/12/1974 but oddly no competition entries in the book. I will attempt to get it registered depending on the grief factor associated that..... Anyway enough for now. Tony."

Much appreciated and all the best with this great project Tony!

Another Pellandini has come out of the woodwork and is about to be restored
Picture Tony Glynn

The car is said to be chassis number 4 and Tony is in touch with the car's first owner, too
Picture Tony Glynn

Plan is to bring it back to original with a few mods such as adjustable pedals and steering column
Picture Tony Glynn

There is room for improvement - this lengthened shocker for example 
Picture Tony Glynn

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