Monday, 1 March 2021

Another Carimoke to be restored on Barbados

Not long after the overseas adventures of Scamp-boss Andrew MacLean made it to print in January (more here), I received a message from Barbados of Charles Fuller Cowles, who's restoring one of the cars made by MacLean on the island. Well, actually this turned out to be a slightly later car using not Mini but Suzuki power, but it was nice to see it anyway (here).

Over to the next one then. Terrell Inniss contacted me last week: "Hi, I recently bought a Carimoke and while Google searching I found your blog posts. I live in Barbados and would love to talk to anyone here involved in its making. The engine is seized and I'm looking into the restoration with an engine swap. Any info or contacts would be greatly appreciated. Attached are some photos of the car in the restoration process Regards Terrell."

I have flashed over a few contacts, but anyone wanting to get in touch with him, too, just drop me a line.

Evolution Cars Carimoke owned by Terrell Inniss is being restored at the moment
Picture Terrell Inniss

The Carimoke is a Jimini made under licence on Barbados under Graham and Andrea Reeves-Law
Picture Terrell Inniss

And unlike last month's car, this one has the 998 cc Mini engine under its bonnet
Picture Terrell Inniss

Owner Terrell Inniss has taken it out yet as the car will be fully restored
Picture Terrell Inniss

Subframes are out, too. Front one seen here could do with a refresh 
Picture Terrell Inniss

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  1. Hi Jeroen! I am currently building my Jimini! I would love to have contact with him. Thx Gabor Varga