Monday, 29 March 2021

JS2 three-wheeler back to creator's son

There are a lot of Mini based three-wheelers coming out of the woodwork and I'll share them with you this week. The kick-off is provided by Scotsman and historic racer Ewen Sergison, who shared the lovely story of his dad's Special, which he found back just a couple of days ago. He wrote: 

"In 1976 my dad wanted out the house as his new born son (me) would not stop crying! He stopped shaving, locked himself in the garage and built and then registered the JS2 (what JS1 was I don’t know unless it was me). Today I bought it back! Most of my cars have girls names but at the moment “IT” is back! V5c still says make: JS, model: JS, chassis number: JS2. My earliest memories were getting splinters in my legs from it’s plywood seat and dad showing me how he could do stoppies in it! Dad my old man invent stoppies? An emotional day to actually drive it! Thanks to Barry and Ray for selling it back to me! Means the world!"

Well done Ewen, hope you will enjoy the JS2 for many years to come!

More recent three-wheeler stories about some great family provenance here and here.

The Mini based JS2 Special is back in the hands of its creator's son
Picture courtesy Ewen Sergison

Ewen's dad back in the 1970s in his wacky machine
Picture courtesy Ewen Sergison

It has a bit more stance these days but it surely is the same machine 
Picture courtesy Ewen Sergison

Ultra wide wings and wheels give it a cool appeal
Picture courtesy Ewen Sergison

Originally it used an 850, but that's been replaced with a 1275 unit now
Picture courtesy Ewen Sergison

Ewen wrote: "An emotional day to actually drive it!"
Picture courtesy Ewen Sergison

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