Wednesday, 17 March 2021

Pellandini No.1 also to be restored

While I wrote about the planned restorations of two Pellandinis in June last year (here) and yesterday (here), I really shouldn't forget about another Pellandini that has been unearthed recently and is now under restoration! This time it's Sean Alexander from Adelaide who has started the job.

He wrote: "Hey Jeroen, I found your email address on a Maximum Mini page and I'm wondering if you have any information on the Pellandinis? I bought No. 1 from David Goodwin - it's the one with the spaceframe chassis and fixed headlights. It's in pretty poor shape overall, the basic structure is there but according to David, the previous owner had lots of ideas but didn't carry out too much work on it, so there is a fair bit of work left for me to do! The registration is RKO408 (South Australia) - as far as I know this is the original plate number and I'll definitely keep it!"

"I'm probably going to stick with the Mini powertrain (Thank God!-JB). I'm a Miniac from way back so that's really the main reason I bought the car. And due to its rarity I think I should stay true in that way. I'll probably lash out and put a 5-speed in it though, this will enable a cable shift rather than the 'interesting' connection that was really the only option in 1970 (rod change Mini gearboxes came out around 1973; generally regarded as crappier than the remote change for a Mini but much easier to work with in this arrangement)."

What I did find was that this car number one indeed is the only Pellandini built with a space frame chassis – all others had a monocoque body/chassis construction. The car spent decades shelved at a crash repairer’s premises and the owner made extensive plans for rebuilding it, but passed away and supposedly willed it to his grand-daughter upon his death. Sean knew that already, but I hope to keep in touch never the less about what certainly is another great restoration.

Pellandini chassis number 1 is different in construction than later cars. It will be restored now
Picture Sean Alexander

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