Monday, 31 May 2021

Dutch Biotas meet

A lovely message from Biota owner Peter Niessen: "Hi Jeroen, Our Biota is (almost) ready for the season. We carried out a couple of upgrades: new tyres (street legal slicks, also very suitable for track days) and a part-new stainless steel exhaust (previous one had too much of a vacuum sound). The Biota of my brother-in-law is now also ready and MOT-tested (it's the ex-Rob Mellaart 'Mk1½'). Enclosed a couple of pictures: when do you see two Dutch Biotas brotherly next to each other? Hopefully we can start looking forward to join a few events when the pandemic situation starts to clear up. A 50th anniversary would be a good target anyway! Kind regards, Peter"

Thanks Peter, absolutely love it! I would certainly be in for a 50th anniversary meeting - who else is..?

Two Biotas which spent all of their lives in The Netherlands: 
Peter and his brother Jos' yellow Mk1 and Steven van der Stroom's orange Mk1½ behind
Picture Peter Niessen

"When do you see two Dutch Biotas brotherly next to each other..?"
Picture Peter Niessen

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