Tuesday, 11 May 2021

Mystery Mini derivative (76)

A lovely message from Gary Axon raises some questions: "Hallo Jeroen, Far too long, no see or speak. Just a quick note to share an unusual Mini estate I came across earlier, modified with the rear lamp section of a BMW 2000 'Neue Klasse.' This is a new one on me, and I just wondered if you have ever seen it before, and if so, if you might know anything more about it (such as who modified it, when, where, and so on)? Thanks. Take care, and hopefully see you sometime soon. Kind regards, Gary."

I've drawn a blank as I, too, have never seen this one before and don't know anything about it. Is it registed 'BNP 858B'? That would make it a 1964 car, which could fit in with the flat roof of the early vans and estates. Or is it 'BNP 858S', which is mated to a Leyland Cars vehicle of 998cc capacity and 1977 vintage..? Anyone out here who knows more about it?

UPDATE 13 May 2021: Jens Lillelund writes: "The rear lights are from a 1967 BMW, so it must have been built from '67 on." Clever! What's more: both Eddie Fitzgerald as Graeme Farr recognized the car, which was supposedly featured in a magazine article in the 1970s. Graeme: "I have seen it before. Either in Hot Car or in Terry Grimwood's column 'TG's Home Brew' in Cars & Car Conversions, I would say around 1970.  I'm sure it had a cool custom interior too with either Corbeau eyelets or Rover 2000 leather seats." I managed to ask Terry Grimwood himself, who replied swiftly: "Sorry Jeroen, I have no recollection of that particular car. Rather nice though." And so the search goes on. Graeme and Eddie will see if they can find back the article.

UPDATE 27 May 2021: Found! Click here

Unusually converted Mini Estate or Van looks very attractive
Picture courtesy Gary Axon

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