Wednesday, 1 September 2021

Beach car enjoyed to the max

I noticed it had been seven years since an Austin Beach Car was sold for record money (full story here) and wondered what happened to it since. I dropped the owner, who wished to remain anonymous, a line and got a swift and enthusiastic reply: "Jeroen, we still love the car! It is at our club where we use it a lot. Nearly every day. The club is not very big so it does not go far, but once we took it to a restaurant about 20km away. People love the car everywhere it goes. Many smiles and waves. Thank you for checking in."

It's good to hear that the car is enjoyed. Thank you! About two years ago another Austin Mini Beach Car was auctioned in the USA (click here) and that even shattered this car's record price. 

The Beach Car that was sold in Monterey in 2014 is enjoyed nearly every day
Picture Jeroen Booij archive

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