Monday, 13 September 2021

Biota works racer: BUY 1OR2

A message from Tim Harber: "Just posting this link when I put 1972 into this library. There’s hours of fun looking at old clips but if you look at the 'Scene ‘72 Take 7' film you will see a millisecond of the 'Works' Biota BUY1OR2 from the rear. All good fun…" (click here to see it)

"Oh, Jeroen: BUY1OR2 comes from when some notable Mk2 racing Jaguars in the sixties had the registration BUY 1 and BUY 12. That is Buy One or BUY One Too. Hence BUY One or Two. Not a proper reg but a bit of a piss take."

Good one Tim, thanks!

BUY 1OR2 - Buy one or two... "Not a proper reg but a bit of a piss take"
Picture via Tim Harber

BUY 1 - the infamous Jaguar Mk2 racer's registration was an inspiration

As was its sister car: 'BUY 12', seen here with Graham Hill behind the wheel

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