Monday, 27 September 2021

RTVs find new homes

I've been overwhelmed with messages about the Ogle SX1000 find (this one) - thank you all. In the meantime I've already found out a little more about the car's history and will write an update on that soon. There's some exiting news in the pipeline, I think.

One message came from fellow-Ogle owner and -racer Mark Burnett. He wrote: "Hey Jeroen. Love, love the Ogle, great find! Thought you might be interested in a recent purchase of mine... It’s a great thing. Needs a few little jobs doing (don’t they always!) but otherwise up and running! Best, Mark." That's a cool RTV - Rough Terrain Vehicle - thank you!

And it's not the only RTV that's moved about recently. Tyler Hughes also wrote to me some weeks ago: "Secrets out! Me and my dad have now restored an extremely early RTV! It's had a sympathetic restoration with all panels off, painted and re-fixed, full suspension rebuild with no bolt left untouched plus modifications to the rear to accommodate disc brakes at the rear and solving the issue of self steer! Bought of Tim from Hastings and it performed extremely well at the Scamp AGM picnic and is capable beyond our nerves.  Andrew MacLean has had a big input and assistance to get it done in time." Love it Tyler, thank you, too!

Tyler's dad Pete demonstrating the capabilities of the RTV at the latest Scamp picnic
Picture courtesy Tyler Hughes

 Tyler restored it together with his dad and with the assistance of Andrew MacLean
Picture courtesy Tyler Hughes

 It's believed to be a very early example of the RTV (Rough Terrain Vehicle) 
Picture courtesy Tyler Hughes

 The RTV was designed by Robert Mandry of Scamp Motor Company fame
Picture courtesy Tyler Hughes

 Another RTV was bought recently by Ogle SX1000 racer Mark Burnett 
Picture courtesy Mark Burnett

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