Friday, 9 November 2012

Fangs for sale

Not all of the Nota Fangs may have been Australian (see here), but most certainly were. In fact every now and then one comes up for sale Down Under. I understand a grand total of 107 Fangs was built, but not all of these came with Mini power. Reader Don Clayton was kind enough to point out not one, but two Fangs that are currently for sale: one in Victoria and one in New South Wales, both of them are Mini engined. See the ads here and here. Thanks Don!

Fang sharp appearance is said to have inspired the name for this Aussie sports car
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I think this is a Nota Fang Mk2 as it uses the big rear lid that later cars have
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This NSW based Fang definitely is an earlier one. It's even said to be #3 built
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  1. Yep it was early. I bought it in 1974 second hand at the Sunnyholt Rd Blacktown workshop for $3100 and it was well worn then. I drove it to School for many years from Tathra to Bega timing myself every day. Best time for the 17Kms was 6min22sec. Sold it in 1983 to a local policeman. It originally had a white section in the middle of each seat. I know its was mine by the rubber clips on the section over the motor which allowed me to remove the section in one piece. I stupidly put a reverse fan on it and removed the cowl. But it would get hot unless going flat out. I think it originally had a Hillman Imp dash, may have been a mini but it stopped working so I put in a wooden one. Great fun in the days before radar.

    1. Great story, thanks for sharing! You don't happen to have any old pictures of the car, do you?

  2. I think the yellow one used to belong to my father. I'm actually looking to find the current owner.