Monday, 19 November 2012

Market round up (Autumn 2012)

Well, well. I've been away for a couple of days only to find a jammed mail box on my return with plenty of notices about cars for sale. Strange cars of course, as many readers by now know that the 'the weirder the better' adagium fits nicely to these pages. Thanks chaps. So take a deep breath and off we go with an update on the market for murky Mini based cars.

How about a Wildgoose? These crazy campers do not make it to the market very often, so this could be a rare chance to own one. This one is the 'Popular' model rather than the slightly more practical 'Super VEB' and it needs lots of work to turn it into a holiday dream vehicle. That hasn't distracted the (Italian) seller for asking a whopping price, though. See the ad here.

Slightly more down to earth - price wise at least - is a good old DIY creature as I love 'em. It's based on a 1961 Austin Mini and comes in the shape of a two-seat roadster. According to the seller, based in Haywards Heath, it was last on the road in 1976 and he has been kind enough to take off the wheel arches to show what it's like without. Even weirder! See it here.

Next is a real oddity: the one and only BAL Special. You'd never believe it to be Mini powered, until the 1000 engine is revealed under the rear lid. Yes, it's rear wheel driven! This special was first registered in 1990, but the Mini engine seems a lot older (note gearbox). I have no idea what kind of modifications were made to fit the slim wheels (2CV?) but they certainly fit the design well. See the ad here.

Over to France, where a (AEM Scout based) Commanchero 6 has turned up for sale. I have never seen one in the flesh and am quite sure they are rare beasts. However, this one is believed to be the first in a series of 20 (!) for a hotel chain in the Middle East - who knows more about that? It comes with 1300 'Cooper' engine, wooden dash, 13" Weller wheels and a little trailer that probably started life as a roof box. Ad here.

From six wheels over to half of that, with the Earl Special. Another Mini based one-off three-wheeler. It's been offered for sale before but appears to be resprayed now (earlier it was red). The design and build were carried out by a Mister Les Earl in 1985 who made the frame from square tubes. It looks to be in an excellent condition with 1275 engine, disc brakes, new seats and full MOT. See it for sale here

Last but not least there is a Hustler. Nothing special you think? Think twice, as this is the Hustler Sport of which only 1 is said to have been built by legendary draughtsman William Towns (and not 4 as the seller states). It should have a 1275 engine but now comes with an 850. Unfortunately the rear deck, roof and lower body parts (including the huge front splitter) appear to be missing. It's in Oxfordshire but you can see it here.

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  1. Hello, The commanchero six whells is in France to La baulle. The seller want 12000 £. If you are interesting write me