Thursday 8 November 2012

The Janspeed Unipower

We've seen some old ads of Unipower GTs here before, with cars being offered for sale for mouth watering prices (click here if not). But I'd never seen the ad that Pete Flanagan sent in recently. It's for a particularly desirable car, being the Janspeed Unipower GT which was equiped with lots of extras. The Janspeed car, originally white in colour and with 1071 engine, was raced by Geoff Mabbs from 1967-on and was later sold to Brian Harvey who painted it red to suit better with the Cars and Car Conversion colours, the magazine that he promoted. Harvey raced it for one season before selling it to Piers Weld-Forrester - the man who later took over production of the Unipower. Somehow the car ended up in Belgium, from where it's offered for sale now, once again. (click here and scroll down). A nice slice of Unipower heritage indeed! Thanks Pete, keep them coming.

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