Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Biota 'Mk1.5' for sale

Another Dutch Biota (more of them here) has made it to the market and this one is a bit of a hybrid. This car was sold new to Dutchman Robert Mellaart, who had his work experience as a young boy at John Houghton's workshop in Dinnington in 1972. No surprise that he got smitten with the Mini based sports car, wanting one for himself once back in his native Holland. And it became not your average Biota - as far as that exists. Mellaart took bits of the newly developed Mk2 car on a Mk1 chassis at the time, combining them into this Mk1.5. I am awaiting more technical details, but fact is that the current owner wants to sell it now, but says he needs some jobs to be carried out. The car needs an exhaust and a thorough check-up in the first place. Let me know when you are interested.

Mk1.5 Biota combines bits of Mk1 and Mk2. Dutch Registration is from 1973
Picture courtesy Peter Niessen

Chassis number '16-6-26' indicates it was built after the initial 25 Mk1 cars
Picture courtesy Peter Niessen

Turned alloy dashboard, chequer plate floor, plenty of gauges. Note indicator stalk position
Picture courtesy Peter Niessen

Frame looks to be in an excellent order. More information about the engine will follow
Picture courtesy Peter Niessen

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  1. This looks interesting.

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