Friday, 18 February 2011

Camber/Maya GT history

I don't have a favourite Mini derivative, I just like some more then others. The Camber/Maya GT is one of those, with a most intriguing history and a great style. Or at least that's what I think. Excuse me for ventilating my personal taste.
Anyway: I have set myself the task to find out how many Camber GTs and Maya GTs were built (supposedly 6 of each), and how many survive, but am unsure to this day. Apart from the Camber that I photographed in the UK and the Maya I shot in Japan, I have now amassed many, many more historic pictures of both models. But even with 4 different brochures in my drawer (it must be one of the worst marketing/sales effects in the car's history with the supposedly 12 cars made - three per brochure!), and over 60 historic pictures of Camber and Maya GTs, the history of these cars still remains mysterious. So far I have been able to track down 9 different registration numbers but then the cars could have swapped numbers easily. To clear things up, hoping you may be able to help with new info, I shall discuss each of these 9 cars over the next few weeks or months to show what I have discovered so far. Resuming for now, the registration numbers of these 9 cars are:

NPM14F (Camber GT)
RLL8L (Camber GT)
FNU400H (Camber GT)
HPN14D (Camber GT)
DEN70D (Camber GT)
KOO589 (Maya GT)
HPN13D (Maya GT)
RKM473G (Maya GT)
PAP14F (Maya GT)
???208H (Maya GT)

UPDATE 28 March 2012: there are 10 cars now, as PAP14F has been added to the files

As rare as the real thing: a Camber GT in a cartoon
Illustration Martin Honeysett for Alternative Cars magazine

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