Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Derivatives abundant

How about a nice project for the 2011 season?
Not too difficult, or perhaps slightly more challenging? Or even a car that will make it to the road or track without having to do anything to it? eBay UK offers it all, with no less than 9 Mini derivatives for sale at the very moment. What's your favourite?
How about one of those funny Grantura Yaks? Comes with TVR pedigree! 

This Hustler Hellcat is even rarer, and has an Aston Martin link. Well, sort of.

Rare too, but in a terribly rough state: a Jiffy Pick up. Who dares?

From the other end: the infamous Mini Marcos TransXL remains unsold

Or a freshly restored Minus in a nice shade of green. I like it.

But this NCF Blitz may be better suitable for British boulevards and beaches

While a Phoenix Estate is slightly more practical though. Needs work, desperately.

And look at that. A Stimson Mini Bug. It comes with a set of moulds too!

Last but not least there is an Alto Duo. That's the best one I've ever seen.

Update 2 February 2011. And there is number 10: a 1971 'barnfind' Mini Marcos that was rolled into storage no less than 31 years ago. or that's what the seller writes. I wonder what price it will make.
Update #2: not everything is what it seems. Have a closer look at this Mini Marcos and you might spot that this car may be more special than its seller seems to realise (thanks to Richard Porter).

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  1. Good to see my old alto duo
    Had loads of fun restoring it and driving it