Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Landar R6 brochure

What a surprise yesterday to find a rare Landar R6 brochure on the door mat with an accompanying letter from Tim Frankland of Essex who got in touch a couple of days ago.
Tim writes: "I am pleased to enclose the Landar brochure. Also enclosed are copies of relevant extracts from the catalogue for the 1966 Racing Car Show held at Olympia, London."
"I look forward to seeing the second volume of 'Maximum Mini' in due course. I don't need anything in return but thank you for offering: I'm just happy to help fuel your Mini mania..!"
That's two of us happy Tim, thanks again for a brochure I did not even know of!

The English Landar R6 brochure that Tim sent

And the US version that I had

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