Saturday, 5 November 2011

Twini does not sell

Despite its history and bucket loads of character, it seems that the one-off Deep Sanderson 105 is too much of a wacky racer to sell for a price that is worthy of its restoration. This can be concluded after the car did not sell at auction yesterday. Maximum Mini subscriber Andy Downes reported from the sale: "The auction was long and slow – however there was no interest in the Twini and despite being ‘No Reserve’ it was withdrawn with no bids at 20,000 GBP, having started at 25,000 GBP." With plenty of bread and butter classics selling for strong money I think that is rather disappointing.

Deep Sanderson 105 was lovingly restored and presented... 
Picture: Andy Downes

...but did not even find a taker for 20,000 GBP
Picture: Andy Downes

1 comment:

  1. Now at that kind of price, it becomes tempting...
    I think the twinned engined Cooper S on ebay is not selling either in that price range.
    Same goes for the Ex Tran X marcos, which has been around for quite a while now.