Thursday, 19 April 2012

A Margrave Elite in Paris

Wood & Pickett converted Minis have been sort of plentiful in the two decades or so that they were (coach)built, although there appear not too many survivors these days. I was sent this picture earlier this week and wondered if anybody out here may know more about the car. It clearly is a Wood & Pickett Mini Margrave Elite, but according to my source it was on display at the British Leyland stand at the Paris Motor Show in 1978. And it certainly appears to be the star attraction out there, too. That's rather unexpected I would dare to say. Apart from the typical nudge bars, portholes and faux landaulette hinges, the sunroof and the velvet trimming may be less obvious clues to this particular Margrave Elite. Who knows more or remembers seeing it at the show?

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A Wood & Pickett Mini Margrave Elite on British Leyland's stand in Paris '78
Hat tip to Roald Rakers (again!)

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