Thursday, 26 April 2012

Maya GT owner calls in

Remember this car? Well, I was contacted by its original owner Mick Glazier recently who cleared up most of its earliest history, filling in some gaps. The mysterious chassis plate, for example, was made by him. Mick wrote a long letter, which I just reproduce here: "Dear Jeroen, thank you for your interest in the Mini Maya, and to share with me your information regarding he last purchaser Mr. Kazuo Maruyama. I was surprised to read that my beloved Mini Maya is residing in Tokyo! I am pleased to share my photos of how it looked when I had finished 'KOO 589' in 1971. As there was no chassis number I invented one, M/M stood for Mini Maya, 19746 was my date of birth (it should be 19476-JB). One of the photos is of the interior of the Maya being black with my little nephew, aged 2, who is now 33 years old."

"I had so much pleasure building and driving that little car, perhaps I need to put the records straight. I purchased the body shell with a spare front end (white ), and no windows or screen from Tony Archer Motors on the 18th December 1971. Then set about the passion of my build. Most of the running gear was from my old Mini (registered KOO 589). I fitted a new rear sub frame / Mini Van petrol tank, cutting and fitting the side and Rear windows from 1/4" Perspex. Wheels were 6" steel rims, also with two quarterlight winkers on the front sides. I had to source a new front screen from Pilkington's on the Isle of Sheppey in Kent, I fitted and reshaped the bonnet to a snug fit with internal catches before fitting the engine / wiring loom / lights. Had fun with the earthing but got there in the end."

"Not sure about the paint remarks, the body was rubbed down and any imperfections filled out, sprayed with the appropriate fibreglass primer and with the blue metal flake paint that was the latest customizing craze at that time. I also sprayed yellow and green coach lines about one inch above the bottom of the doors, going around to the Bonnet over and back to the rear of the car, and it looked a dream. All the time I had it there was no crazing on the body work. The inside was all black with a small alloy and leather steering wheel. My wife is from the Philippines and we are planning to retire there in about two year's time, so we won't be far away from Tokyo. Who knows we might be able to meet up? Thank you once again hope to hear from you soon. Take care for now and best regards, Mick" Well, that's one great story, Mick. Now let's hope the car will be soon treated as good as it was treated by its original owner. Drop me a line whenever you make it over to Japan!

The Maya GT was painted in metal flake blue when Mick owned it. It's now in Japan
Picture courtesy Mick Glazier
'KOO 589' was built with Glaziers' Mini serving as its base. Sourcing screens was challenging
Picture courtesy Mick Glazier
Glazier's nephew, aged 2 here, poses in the car that gave his uncle so much pleasure
Picture courtesy Mick Glazier

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