Monday 23 April 2012

A sad looking Mini Marcos Mk1

Don't ask me why but early Mini Marcoses keep on finding their way to here. After several articles spent recently on these rare beasts (here, here, here and here) it's time for yet another! Friend of this blog Colin just sent me a message, writing: "Hi Jeroen. Just been sent these photos of a very sad looking Marcos. Is it a missing car for one of your readers? It was in the background of a Mini for sale last week, so I asked about it - I thought it may have been that stolen race car." Well, I'm pretty sure it's not that, but 'MAB 223D' clearly is a Mini Marcos Mk1. Just look at the rear screen, outside filler cap, notched arches, perspex side screens with sliding openings and narrow number plate recess at the front. I can't see the footwells in the floor but I bet they are the earliest 'kinked' variant, too. Do we like it? Oh, yes. Drop me a line if you are interested 'cause Colin thinks the owner could be tempted in selling. Cheers mate!

'D' registration indicates it (or its base) was put on the road in 1965 or 1966

These notched wheel arches are typical for the Mk1 Mini Marcos only

Outside filler cap is another Mk1 feature, as are perspex sliding windows

There are a few modifications but this Mk1 looks pretty much like it should


  1. Interesting looking project. How much?

  2. Aynone know if this mini is still around or who to contact about it?