Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Wheels Day 2012

To be really honest I'd never heard of Wheels Day, but it certainly appears to be one cracking event that I should visit next time. Held in Aldershot, Hampshire its idea is plain simple really: let's just fill a field the size of Hyde Park with cars. Not ordinary ones, but classic cars, preferably the odd and unusual. And it works. According to motoring journo, fan of automotive oddities and reader of this blog, Richard Heseltine, who went there last Friday, "It was a fun show, with more than 2000 classics, hot rods, kits and assorted weird things all gathered together in an informal setting." Richard was so nice to share his photographs of the Mini derivatives presented at the show, too. Thanks very much for that!

Now that is one neat GTM Coupe. Registration number indicates a '65 Cooper 'S' donor
Picture: Richard Heseltine

The Hellcat may have been the most basic of the Hustler range; this one seems richly equiped
Picture: Richard Heseltine
And that's what a Scamp should look like! Rugged and well used. That's a funny hardtop, too
Picture: Richard Heseltine

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