Thursday 28 February 2013

Video: challenging a big Ferrari in 1967

I wrote about the Cox GTM of Dagobert Swensson racing at the Bengtsfors Ring some time ago (click here). Now it appears not to be the only Mini based sports car competing in Sweden against much more powerful machinery. On 16 September 1967 there was an early Mk3 Mini Marcos, driven by Bo Elmhorn and challenging the bigger cars on the Roskilde Ring, including Björn Bellander's Ferrari. And not without merit! Gosh, does this chap fly with his little Marcos, trying to pass Bellander from the inside! Together with Pico Troberg, Elmhorn was the Swedish importer for the Mini Marcos and I understand that his red little racer survives in the USA today. Check out the great period film footage here. Thanks again to Peter Camping!

Update: Roskilde Ring was and is in Denmark, thanks Dennis Overgaard Nielsen! (and shame on me).

Start grid with Elmhorn's Mini Marcos behind the Ferrari of Bellander in the middle
Picture courtesy Björn Bellander

Elmhorn's Mini Marcos flies over the Roskilde Ring, seriously trying to beat the big guns
Picture courtesy Björn Bellander

Together with Pico Troberg, Bo Elmhorn was responsible for Mini Marcoses in Sweden
Picture courtesy Björn Bellander

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