Friday, 10 August 2018

Minus Maxi - another survivor

A Minus Maxi is a rare thing and back in 2012, when I was looking for a proper example to photograph, I had some difficulties to find one (article here). I did find it in the end, but never came across any other (new) cars. All the ones I knew were 'BOC 493K' (blue); 'Q685 HEX' (red); 'YHH 459K' (red) and 'TPE 838S' (white), the latter of which made it to the book.

Until now! Dave Chaplin's neighbour has another red Minus Maxi, although it's not been driven for some time. He wrote: "My next door neighbour's Mini has been there for 30 years. Not for sale!" It's nice to add another number (Q548 HNG) to the list, though. Thanks Dave!

Minus Maxi is sitting in this garden for some 30 odd years now. It's not for sale
Picture Dave Chaplin

It's the fifth Minus Maxi known to me now. There may be more examples out there though?
Picture Dave Chaplin

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