Thursday, 15 October 2020

Gitane GT still missing, new picture found

People keep on alerting me when Mini based cars come up for sale or when new automobilia or pictures emerge, which is great. And when a previously unknown photograph of the long-lost Gitane GT comes to the light, it's a perfect opportunity to write about that car once more. It's shown here in its second guise, as modified by Tony 'Podge' Dealey in what has to be a hill climb. This is the first picture that I see of it wearing no wire wheels. So is it earlier or later than the other photos that I have of it? Hard to say as it also came with a radiator opening in its aluminium nose in a later stage, but still used wires then.

The car was initially registered '947 GEA' but later wore the number '232 HWD'. More information is naturally more than welcome. I still hope to find the West-Bromwich-built Gitane one day. More on the beautiful GT in articles from 2011 (here), from 2015 (here) and from 2018 (here).

The Gitane GT being hill climbed with, I think, Tony 'Podge' Dealey behind the wheel
Picture Jeroen Booij archive, thanks to Scott Barrett

The elusive Gitane GT as seen in Motor magazine when it was new in 1962
Picture Motor, colourisation Jeroen Booij

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