Wednesday, 28 October 2020

This is a special announcement from Maximum Mini towers. 

Tomorrow it will be 10 years since this weblog got its little place in the world wide web. Ten years! I started it after I didn't know what to do with the photographic archive left from making Maximum Mini volume 1. Little did I know then! In 10 years time 1,204 articles and thousands of photographs were published here. I have been derided for doing it, but also appreciated and even praised. Hey, it was all with a love for the Mini based car in mind. 

But why and for who? I often wonder about that myself! Do drop me a line if you have feedback, whatever it is, as that may keep me going for another while. Another drive is the cars that keep on coming out of the woodwork. I can assure you there are more to come. I've got some exiting articles ready to be posted, with two special ones for tomorrow and Friday, it is an anniversary after all.

Last but not least I might just as well ask you for a favour. If you enjoy what I do here on Maximum Mini and if you would like to help me continue to do so for years to come, then I would very much appreciate a donation to keep this blog going. Maximum Mini cannot exist without you, dear reader. 

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