Monday, 19 October 2020

Mystery Mini derivative (70)

A little ad from a 1974 Cars & Car Conversions magazine was sent over by Rachel Nelson, who wondered if I knew it. I don't. The car is advertised as 'Mini based Special - one of three only' but I have never come across anything similar or it must be the DART, which has perhaps some hints of this creature. The ad further states '41 inches low, less engine and box. Must go now, getting tatty so best offer secures', followed by an old London number. I can't read the registration well ('GBP 801C' perhaps?), but maybe it rings a bell to anyone here?

Mystery Mini derivative from London as seen in a 1974 ad and said to be 'one of three'
Picture Cars & Car Conversions via Rachel Nelson

DART has perhaps hints of it, but can't have anything to do with it, can it?
Picture Jeroen Booij


  1. Hi Jeroen, It looks even lower than the DART. There looks a lot less wing left above the front wheel and if they are standard mini door hinges, they look much closer together. Another exciting find!

    1. Thanks Stef. You certainly seem to be right on the height, which would make this a seriously low car!

  2. Well if your reading of the registration plate is correct than this suggests an initial registration of 1965 in the West Sussex area... don't know if that sheds any light.