Monday, 5 October 2020

The Hustler of Happy Valley

Don't ask how a Hustler ends up in Happy Valley, Oregon but it just did! And it's not the first exotic Mini based creature that turns up there, in Jeremy Thorpe's little corner of the USA also known as Jet Motors. He's had this Ranger Cub in the past, as well as this Mini Marcos and how about this cracking Pavesi Mini..? 

The Hustler 4 is still British registered on a 1965 Morris Mini base, but comes without its mechanicals. It looks to be a clean example though and very much like Williams Towns must have intended it to be. So... perhaps a well suited and straightforward project for somebody with a wrecked Mini available or enough parts to build it up. But then I'm sure Jeremy will also be able to build it for you if you haven't got the spares. See the ad here.

Possibly the only Hustler in the whole of the USA..? Now for sale in Oregon
Picture Jeremy Thorpe

It comes without mechanicals though, so a handy man/woman is needed
Picture Jeremy Thorpe

It would be great to see it back on the road - a perfect winter 2020-project?
Picture Jeremy Thorpe

Interior looks clean in all its simplicity. Note 1100 odometer in dashboard
Picture Jeremy Thorpe

These MGB seats don't look too large for the Hustler's spacious interior
Picture Jeremy Thorpe

Registration may also be a big plus for a project car like this..?
Picture Jeremy Thorpe

That's what it looked like in the brochure, with wheels. Pretty similar!
Picture Jeroen Booij archive

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