Friday, 12 February 2021

Japanese drawings show Mini variants

Although I am not able to read a word, I am a fan of Japanese motoring magazines, so often richly illustrated with atmospheric photography, historical material and not to forget drawings. Endo Izuru is one of the top illustrators and his work can be seen regularly on the cover of CAR magazine. Recently he made a couple of illustrations for an online publication named The Motor Brothers, showing Mini derivatives and I am sharing these here. I think I recognize some of the actual cars in them. Superb!

GTM Coupe
Illustration Endo Izuru

Mini Marcos 1966 Le Mans 
Illustration Endo Izuru

Mini Jem Mk2
Illustration Endo Izuru

Rob Walker MiniSprint
Illustration Endo Izuru

Ogle SX1000
Illustration Endo Izuru

Unipower GT
Illustration Endo Izuru


  1. My emails not working at the minute so hopefully you can see this instead!

    Was just on @popbangcolours fantastic #continuouscar drawings on Instagram live, where you talk about all things cars for an hour or so while he illustrates a car of your choice. At the end of it he asked me who i would like to see go on, and I suggested Gordon Murray, and yourself(Le Mans '66 Mini Marcos #50).

    Have always loved the blog, and have bought a book before, helping persuade me that a mini kit was the way forward. My car a 1981 midas mk2 (VNB113X) featured in a few magazines back in the day and was a brochure car. As a result I have a reasonable amount on the Midas, and while I'm sure you've seen it all before I'm more than happy to send you as much information as possible.

    Would happily pay for everything including postage, as he sends the illustrations out at the end of it.

    Would love to hear from you, Cheers,

    Jonny Evans @MidasTwo (on Twitter and Instagram)

    1. Thank you very much Jonny, this is much appreciated.
      I'd love to hear or see more about your Midas project, too. Very best, Jeroen

  2. Thanks for sharing these excellent Japanese pictures of the Unipower GT and other cars.

    The Unipower GT one reminded me of another Japanese style picture of the car - Manga! Yes, I was amazed too when I was told about it.

    Kenichi Sonoda made the Unipower GT the ride of choice of the heroes of his Gunsmith Cats comic magazine series. The car appears on the cover, no less, of volume 3 of 5 of the Shades of Grey series. It's a pretty accurate rendition. Sonoda included well drafted pictures of other cars in his magazines too.