Monday, 2 October 2017

New images of ART Mini Marcos

Thanks to some of you, I can now share some more pictures of the Dutch Mk1 Mini Marcos that was raced by Hans Casteleyn of the ART ('Algemeen Racing Team') in the late 1960s and earliest of 1970s. This car was seen at Zandvoort and Welschap regularly and was damaged during a race in September 1968. Puzzling the pieces together I now understand it was repaired and repainted in its ART livery with green stripe. As you may remember the car survives to this day (in blue - see here). Two or three months ago I was contacted by the son of Hans Casteleyn, who told me he was eager to buy it back but I do not know if he succeeded. I'd love to hear from you again!

This is Hans Casteleyn's Mini Marcos at an early stage. No flared front arches yet and no ART stickers
Picture Henk van Zalinge (?)/ Jeroen Booij archive

This is no doubt the same car, also seen here at Zandvoort circuit in August 1968

Oops. Car number 14 is involved in an accident, just like the Henk Nieuwenhuis Mini Special (13)
Picture Autovisie / Jeroen Booij archive

But it's repaired and this is how we know it. Flared arches and broad green stripe over its body
Picture Jeroen Booij archive

And we now have a colour photograph, too! Taken in the pit street of, again, Zandvoort in '69
Picture Jeroen Booij archive

It wore number 4 during a series of races at Zandvoort in 1969, while it used '44' for the next season
Picture Rob Petersen

Another great colour image. Car ran a 1293cc engine with eight-port Arden head

In the paddock at Zandvoort, joined by another ART Mini plus an Opel Kadett coupe

The ART team proudly showing their carriages. Opel and the Mini Marcos plus two Formula cars

And again, seen here at the Racing Car Show in Amsterdam in May 1969 joined by others

The car is road registered in 1972 and believed to have been used on a daily basis for some time
Picture courtesy Gert-Jan Westerveld / Jeroen Booij archive

I found this ad in an old issue of Hot Car magazine. Casteleyn's son even remembered the telephone number quoted (which I have blurred here)!
Picture Jeroen Booij archive

That pit street colour image seemed familiar to me. Then I suddenly knew. The resemblances of this picture of my own car, taken in April 1966 during Le Mans tests are pretty amazing!
Pictures Jeroen Booij archive

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