Monday, 24 June 2013

freshly finished Mini Marcos Mk1 goes to auction

A desirable early Mini Marcos will make it to the market in another month time. The car in question has just been built - and in this case it actually was for the very first time! The unused blue shell was purchased some years ago by Rory McMath of Marcos Heritage after being found in a Chester barn. It had never been registered and had never been messed with, so all the right Mk1 features were still left intact. It took McMath and his team a while to turn it into a roadworthy car, but now it is finally finished in a light blue colour and ready to go with 848cc engine. The car will be auctioned by H&H on the 24 of July, and is estimated to make £ 12,000 - 14,000. See the full description here.

Mk1 Mini Marcos as it was found (top) and as it was finished recently (below)
Picture Jeroen Booij (top); Marcos Heritage (bottom)

All the right features for a Mk1 car, including the extruding petrol filler cap and 'notched' arches
Picture Jeroen Booij (left); Marcos Heritage (right)

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