Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Unipower on road and track

Do we need an excuse to post another period picture of a Unipower GT? Of course we don't. In fact, I came across two cool shots of the 'Mini Miura' recently, so why not post both of them? First is supposedly taken in London in 1966. The car clearly is a works demonstrator, with its UPD 1000 registration, and I understand the photographer snapping it is a famous one, too. Who can confirm this? Secondly, there is the photograph of a car in action. This one was taken during the 6-hour race of Barcelona in April 1968. The car was raced there by Jaime De Agustin and Esteban Barrachina who'd both did the 6-hour race in a Mini Cooper the previous year. Unfortunately they didn't finish the GT. Could it be same car that was later raced in and around Barcelona by local boy Miquel Brunells (click)?

London 1966. Universal Power Drive's demonstrator is posing willingly for famous snapper
Picture: Press Association Images
Two years later, a sister car is driven hard in the Spanish 6-hour race in Barcelona
Picture courtesy Manolo Serrano Caso


  1. I've seen that photo in a book which states it is Peter Sellers taking the snap..

    1. Sellers was shooting for a newspaper article he was doing on the Unipower, he also owned one.

    2. Sorry, just to finish , that's Heathrow airport, May 1966.