Wednesday 26 June 2013

Mystery Mini derivative (34)

Did you see the Jimini 2 on eBay last week? Perhaps not as it only made a very brief appearance and was sold for the asking price right after it got on there. No surprise as it looked to be in excellent order and seemed cheap to me at 1,500 GBP. It had a good story, too. According to the seller "it was built in 1982 from a Mini pickup and first registered for the road in 1984. The owner used the car for two summers and then locked it away in his garage for 26 years until July 2012 when I acquired it. Apart from the upgrades and recommissioning, it is exactly as I bought it, including some 26 year old dust!" Who bought it?

Of course there is nothing mysterious about the Jimini. However, it's military appearance made me think of a true mystery Mini derivative. Other than that it is called a 'Mini Jeep' I do not know anything about that one. It looks pretty much home grown with its boxy shapes, odd proportions and ill-fitting roof but I'm quite sure I have seen another in yellow. Could it ever have been commercialised?

Excellent Jimini 2 looked like new. It sold last week for 1,500 GBP. A steal if you ask me
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It made me think of this 'Mini Jeep'. It may look home-grown but I think more were made 
Picture Jeroen Booij archive


  1. The Jimini Back on ebay already for £2850.
    Item number 190866857074

    1. Oh gosh. I must say the excuse for passing it on is an original one. Not too sure about it being true though!

  2. This little kitcar could well be a CAPRICORN Mini Jeep, one of only three made by a manufacturer called CAPRICORN CARS of Wakefield, England. It was inspired by a Willys Jeep although it was not a replica of any particular JEEP.Original donor Mini parts could be used but this model was only available in 1985. Marco Santos