Sunday, 19 March 2017

Scamp stolen - help needed (UPDATE: Now found)

A cry for help from Mark Sago Saxton of Leicester. He writes: "Scumbags have stolen my Mini Scamp! I built this car by hand 17 years ago. I am absolutely devastated. A much loved member of my family is missing!" The Scamp was stolen on the night of 15 March from Mark's drive in Leicester, who continues: "I am so upset… I just want my little car back!". If you have seen the car, or am offered it or parts from it, give Mark a call on XXXX XXXXX.

UPDATE 20 March: Good news from Mark: Now found! It was joyridden and found in Eyres Monsall! Police have it in for forensics today but it should be back with me tomorrow. A massive thank you to all in their help and support during this time… I was really quite overwhelmed by the compassion and lengths you went to. Thank you!

Mark's Scamp is a Mk3 that was built up by him plus a friend in 2000
Picture courtesy Mark Sago Saxton

1970 registration is on a black 'Leyland cars estate'. It had 18137 miles on the odometer
Picture courtesy Mark Sago Saxton

Like so many Scamps Mark's car is very distinctive.Have you seen it? Then let him know
Picture courtesy Mark Sago Saxton

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